Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Making a long story short, I will tell you a little on why I decided to change my life with WakeUpNow.

Growing up I had always pictured my self being successful, and financially set. Of course I think that is every child at a certain age think that. I looked up to my mom because she was always working hard. I hardly saw her day to day but there was always a roof our my head, food in my stomach and clothes on my back.  One thing I noticed while watching my mom growing up working day in and day out is that she was super exhausted and really didn't want to do much. I would see my mom maybe and hr or 2 some days because she would work till the next night come home and go to her room. Seeing her doing it for most of my life and didn't want to have to work like she did. I always tried to find way that I would be able to work and enjoy life. I went to schools, got a couple of jobs but nothing was satisfying my feelings of living life. 

My last job I felt like I was getting the life sucked out of me. I have 2 boys and I was at work all the time that by the time I came home I was tired and didn't want to do anything but shower and go to sleep. I didn't have the energy to play with my sons. It was a total 4 hours commute back and forth to work. Left early in the morning to come home late at night. The sad part besides being able to spend time with my children was that I wasn't getting paid enough to get on my feet the way I really wanted to. Things didn't work out with that job for its reason. So I took time that I wasn't working to reflect on my life to see what I really wanted to do. Where I wanted my children and I to be and how was I going to get there. So I search and search and I was thinking, the only way I will be able to do the things I want to do, spend time with my children and be able to live life, work when I want and live life is by working at home. 

I am always on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and generally searching the web and there were so many opportunities to work at home. While I was doing something on Instagram I had a gentlemen comment on one of my pictures and he was with this company called WakeUpNow. He talked to me for a brief moment, gave me a video to watch then asked if I would like to talk to his other team members. So quickly I was interested, not only by the money that could be made but the team work I saw which was amazing. So they finally convinced me to join because I needed income to come in and I had to work with people that are team players and help you along the way. After I joined the team work I received blew my mind when I needed them. Its not all about the money either tho you can make it but having a wonderful team that helps you reach success is the best plus as well with a company that helps you save and manage your money. If you would like to know more about WakeUpNow and my team #teamWUNvision just keep flowing me on here :)