Friday, November 1, 2013

Obamacare/The Gang of 8 Bill is harming us US Citizens/Legal Aliens Livelihood

Living in a place where we dream everyday to live with stability and the people we have to run the United States of America to help us instead of harm us. But as most of us know man cannot be ruled by man. Given the facts and evidence of what the President and his group of Senates are trying to do with us US Citizens and Legal Aliens, we are looking at a long time hardship financially as well as emotionally.

Two things that will harm our future as citizens:

Should the Senate Pass the 

Gang of 8's Immigration Bill?

The Gang of Eight is a common colloquial term for the bi-partisan group of eight Senators writing the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill. The group has also been instrumental in bringing Comprehensive Immigration Reform back to the legislative branch in the spring of 2013. -Source: 

Obamacare (Original Name: Affordable Care Act)

You think Obamacare is affordable?!?! Well guess again because it isn't. We will spend more money with Obamacare then we are spending now on health insurance.

"Jennifer Harris, a self-employed lawyer in Orange County, has been paying $98 a month for an individual health insurance plan that provides less coverage than the Affordable Care Act requires. The cheapest alternative she's found so far costs more then twice as much. (Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times /October 24, 2013)"- Source:,0,2756077.story#axzz2jQoIbHlv

Ted Cruz Exposes $5000 Penalty for Hiring US Citizens

If video can't be viewed here is the link:

Sooner or later we, who have citizenship and who fought hard to become citizens will be struggling 10 times as hard then we do now. Given the fact that illegal immigrants will have the benefit of working full time jobs and US Citizens/Legal Aliens will be cut down to 28 or less a week is cause for stress. Business not needing to pay taxes for those who are here ILLEGALLY boggles my mind. Many will lose their job because what business would want to keep Citizens when they have to pay $5,000 for each employee when they can have those who are here illegally and not pay a dime in taxes for them. Basically business will lose their business if they keep us Citizen working for them. They are getting the benefits and care we should be getting. If WE commit a crime, we are quickly put into the system but those who come here illegally get rewarded with good jobs and all the help that we should be receiving living in the United States of America. Thank You Obama for the great instability that you have provided us Citizens. (Shaking My Head). 

I don't work a 9-5. I have chosen to work for myself because as things are looking, our jobs wont be around for US that long. We would be lucky to still have a job but given the fact that our hours are getting cut real short, majority of US Citizens will be working 3 to 4 jobs if that just to make due. You are not safe in your position as long as Obama is still sitting in that chair in the beautiful White House. Not saying to quit your job but its time to make moves for ourselves. Its time to take control of how we make a living!!! 

This is what we the people will come 
down too if we dont take action for ourselves.

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