Sunday, August 25, 2013


World's Greatest Lead System About to Launch

As a member of the power lead system you will have a huge unfair advantage in generating quality leads. This amazing feature is ready to using immediately. So what exactly is it? It’s a funnel that allows you to give away a free leads system to your prospects. And you can use this funnel to promote anything you want. Think about it, what better way to generate good quality leads and to offer something with tremendous value because what your giving away is a lead generating machine complete with auto-res-ponders, dashboard, banners and a powerful contact manager. It has everything a person needs to start generating leads immediately. 

Anyone you give the free system to becomes your lead and their info goes directly into your contact manager. This will initiate a done for you email campaign presenting you as an expert in the industry. The same campaign will also expose your prospects to your primary business repeatedly because whoever you give this to also have the same ability. Ok so you might be thinking… 

Why are we allowing you and your tire genealogy prospect to give away a free lead system? Well just like Costco gives away those free samples, we pretty much doing the same exact thing. 

Here’s how it works:

When anyone you give the free system to starts generating leads, every other leads is going to roll up to you. For example, suppose you give away 10 free systems, you’re going to have 10 great leads. You will now be receiving every other lead that these 10 people ever generate. When these 10 people generate 10 leads each that are 100 leads but with every other lead rolling up that’s 50 free leads deposited directly into your contact manager.  You will now have 50 new people passing you every other lead that they ever generate and it just keeps growing from there. Every free member enjoys the same exponential growth of free leads rolling up to them just like you do. The difference is as a member of the Power Lead System you aren't passing up any leads. You see only free members pass up leads. Now here is something else I think you are going to get really excited about. As your free member start generating leads for themselves, their new leads are also generating their own leads and so on. This can keep happening generation after generation. And pretty soon you can have literally armies of free lead members many levels deep, kicking up free leads. Why is this so significant? Because naturally we give each free lead member the opportunity to upgrade. After all its only fair that free lead members are given the chance to keep all of their leads too, right? It also makes sense that they might want a more robust system. You know with all the bells and whistles that the power leads system has. 

So here is a quick example of how powerful this can be:
Suppose you give a free lead system to Joe, Joe gives a free system to Blake, Blake gives a free system to Justin and Justin gives a free system to Kary. Kary then decides to upgrade. Who do you suppose gets credit when Kary, whether shes 5 levels deep or 50 decides to upgrade? That’s Right, you do! So the Power Lead System software will track up-line and credit these new sales directly to the first power lead system affiliate it finds. Don’t forget Mary, Sue and Mark are free members who never paid a penny for their system and this entire process can start by you giving away just 1 free system. 

This is amazing stuff. And as I said earlier, you can start generating lead with this incredible tool immediately. All you have to do is get started. Just imagine of what having an army of free affiliates all generating leads for themselves can do for your income. Stop imagining. Claim you free trail and find out right now.  

Warning - This Company is About to Go Viral