Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WATCH OUT!!! Pyramid Scheme!!! WakeUpNow

I hear, see and witness many people mention the Phrase "Pyramid Scheme/Scam" every time WakeUpNow is presented to them.

Now do you see the picture above. This is a regular 9-5 Job pyramid. To me this is more of a scheme then MLM. 

Because Look at where you are and look at where the people who make the real money are. They are above us and don't plan on helping us reach to where they are. 20-40 years down the line we will never ever be the CEO of the company we bust our behind for. Working a 9-5 to make someone on top of you rich and you get nowhere, have to retire by the age of 70 soon will go up to 75 and by then you will have nothing to show for all the hard work you did and you can't really enjoy life but the CEO is enjoying life and doing big things right now. The CEO is living his dream because he invested in himself, worked for himself and got people slaving under him to make his money work for him while he is sitting back at home, on a vacation, at the beach, or at anyplace but his company collecting his money. 

Bill Clinton gives his opinion on this 
Life Changing Opportunity!!!

Need I say more?!?! 

Well I definitely will. 

I have no problem with anyone wanting to get an education. Be my guest and do what you have to do. But I will say personally as someone who has went to college, I feel I went into more debt than actually getting a career/job in the field I chose. Yea some after finishing college get a job in what they went to school for but guess what... It is a low percentage and they are working more and harder just to pay a $20,000-$70,000 student loan. You would have to work 3 jobs if that to be able to pay it before you die.

Job Picture Looks Bleak for 2013 College Grads

What I am trying to tell you is that, STOP wasting time throwing your life away for someone else's life. You want to work the 9-5 go right ahead. But as I did and I will tell plenty of others, WAKE UP and invest in yourself and have the money you make work for you instead of you working for it. You can be your own CEO with the best team with you helping you make your way to Financial Freedom, Early Retirement, Debt Free & Residual Income. Its a better way of life. You are breathing, alive and waking up everyday but you are not living. Work to live not live to work. BE YOUR OWN BOSS!!! 

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