Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't Let EXCUSES Hold You Back

Excuses will lead to failure
Excuses will lead to not progressing
Excuses will lead to many missed opportunities
Excuses will lead to no accomplishments
Where are you heading with those excuses?! 

I'm going to keep it 100% with you ladies & gents. When I was presented with WakeUpNow by my enroller Dwayne Chappell and the rest of my team ‪#‎teamWUNvision‬ I had nothing. I was skeptical of investing because in my head I was thinking "Damn I have no money coming in and I don't to go into something and remain broke" I was completely broke at the time. But I had to change my frame of thinking and have confidence in myself that I can make it through even at my lowest point. So I put the last that I had to invest in myself so I can continue to grow. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to be where you want to be. As I say You have to Invest in order to Progress. I see so many people making excuses in bettering their life and this doesn't only have to deal with WakeUpNow but in General also that they continue to complain about the situation they are in. I say to you... Before you turn away an opportunity, listen, hear us out, look into what that opportunity can do for you instead of looking of what you can't do. If you go with the mindset that you can't (because of any reason) then you won't and you will continue to be stuck in the same position.

Change your frame of thinking and your life will change. Think of what you can and not what you cannot!